Intermediate/Advanced Dog Training Classes

Obedience  Dog Training Classes

Tuesdays  Next steps class 7.30pm – 8.15pm

Wednesday Bronze Good citizen class 7.30pm – 8.15pm

Wednesday Next steps class  8.15pm – 9pm

After completing a puppy or a beginners class the next step to continue your training with us is the Next Steps class . I like to combine puppies with older dogs after the initial puppy course as the majority of dogs they will meet out and about will be adult dogs. I also feel it isn’t beneficial for puppies to go through the whole of their training with the same group of puppies. Dogs can become comfortable with their class mates and this can cause problems when they encounter a new dog  or when a new dog joins a class.

In this class we aim to build upon and reinforce the dog training basics that you have learnt in the previous class.

We work towards the Good citizen Bronze award alongside The APDT Companion awards

The Next Steps  dog training class syllabus covers the beginnings of:

Off lead waits

Distance work

loose lead  games

Recall games


Food manners

Advanced Dog Training Class

Thursday Silver / Gold Good Citizen class  8.15pm – 9.15pm

In this class we cover a variety of dog training exercises and this class is aimed at the pet owner who wants to continue their training to further develop their relationship and communication with their canine companion. However this class can also be a stepping stone for those who wish to venture into the competitive dog sports world.  Here are some of the training exercises  we cover in this class:


Novice Recall


Distance Control

Scent discrimination

Fun Flyball



Obstacle courses

The video below shows some of the advanced dog training class performing their tricks at the 2014 Christmas party