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Pawesome Puppy Training Cumbria      Pawesome puppy training Cumbria

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Early Booking advisable as there are limited places available.

Our 6 week puppy training classes are for puppies 20 weeks and under. We aim for our classes to be fun, relaxed, social evenings. We believe this is the best environment for learning to take place.

Our puppy training classes are small with between 6-8 puppies on each course . This allows us to tailor training to the individual where required as  no one method will suit all.

Our training methods are force free and involve rewarding good behaviours, setting the puppy up for success and interrupting/ redirecting behaviours we don’t want. We use a mixture of rewards including food and play.

Every family attending puppy training classes receives a full set of training notes and handouts at the beginning of the course.

What do we teach our Puppies?

* Impulse control with food, toys, greetings                        *Come when called

* Leave                                                                                                                     * Loose lead walking

*Sit, down and stand                                                                                             * Attention

* Handling and Grooming                                                                                     * Wait

* Socialisation                                                                                                           * Go to bed

There are a number of objects and equipment we use in puppy classes to help build confidence and to demonstrate to owners how to introduce a puppy successfully  to something new in their environment.

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